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Jason Voorhees Quarantine Cartoon

A Message of Hope

A Message of Hope published on No Comments on A Message of Hope

Jason Voorhees Quarantine Cartoon

I feel better knowing this. I mean, I think I do.

Quarantine Blues

It will be a wonderful day when we can move past the real-life horror of Covid-19 and put horror back where it belongs — on the movie screen! Jason needs to lift his chin up and smell the roses. At least he is isolated in a beautiful place (Camp Crystal Lake is known for its legendary beauty). And when the quarantine is lifted and bum rush to the forest begins he’ll have plenty of plump campers to keep his machete swinging deep into the 2020s. In the meantime, wash your hands, Jason, and keep that mask in place!

Thanks for reading and stay healthy!

Camp Crystal Lake Coronavirus Comic

Toilet Paper Terror

Toilet Paper Terror published on No Comments on Toilet Paper Terror

Camp Crystal Lake Coronavirus Comic

The Coronavirus comes to Camp Crystal Lake

Dominatrix and Gimp Cartoon

Mission Gimpossible

Mission Gimpossible published on No Comments on Mission Gimpossible

Dominatrix and Gimp Cartoon

This probably actually happens sometimes.

Latex Lockdown

Locksmith strikes me as one of those professions where people see it all. After all, the job of a locksmith is to unlock things that other people want locked up for some good (or nefarious) reason. Things including, ahem, their fellow humans.

Release the Gimp

I rewatched Pulp Fiction again recently which was doubtlessly the inspiration for this cartoon. Ironically, the version I watched was censored on commercial television and the gimp scene was completely cut out of the film! That may sound like sacrilege but since I was watching the movie with my mother I was totally cool with the edits. I’m not sure she would have really understood what was happening and I didn’t want to be the one to explain it to her. Not that I really understand this gimp thing myself – all I know for certain is they are fun to draw!

Thanks for reading — and always keep a backup key.

Jason Voorhees Gratitude Board Cartoon

Gratitude with Attitude

Gratitude with Attitude published on No Comments on Gratitude with Attitude

Jason Voorhees Gratitude Board Cartoon

Jason acknowledges the goodness in his life.

Disney Princess Reject Pink Unicorn

Unicorn Carnage

Unicorn Carnage published on No Comments on Unicorn Carnage

Disney Princess Reject Pink Unicorn

I’m not normally a fan of pink unicorn princess movies, but this one I’d like to see.

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