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Original Horror Comedy and Dark Humor Cartoons — Updates on Fridays

Welcome to Grinsane

Here you will find classic horrors such as vampires and zombies hanging out with modern terrors like Jason and Michael. Beware – cultists, aliens, and evil cats also creep this webcomic.

For commentary or to leave a comment on the latest cartoon, click here.

What’s Next?

Just randomly dive in and start clicking. Or view the latest comic and spin the record backwards. Browse the cartoon archive, or start reading from the beginning.

You can also follow Grinsane on social media, where I post variations of some of the comics as well as original memes, and argue with people about the technicalities of becoming a vampire, turning into a werewolf, and other lofty topics.

Be careful, though — read too much of this stuff and you may find yourself spawning a cheek to cheek psychotic grin while discussing the impending zombie apocalypse with your cats. In other words, going completely Grinsane!


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