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Grinsane, it’s the smile you get on your face when you feel the last marble slip out of your ear and roll down the floor under the soda machine.

It’s the expression you make when you spring up from the table after shock therapy and say “please maestro, another round, and crank the juice to eleven this time.”

And it’s the permanent, goofy look you sport when you read too many comics about witches, black cats, cannibals, gorgons, ghosts, demons, zombies, pod people, and gelatinous man-eating blobs. You’re not supposed to laugh at this stuff – you’re supposed to be horrified. What’s the matter with you?

Check out the new toon here every Friday and feel your sanity slip away. It’s only a matter of time before you too find yourself completely Grinsane!

Grinsane rough sketch


Grinsane is created by Scott Svatos.

You may also enjoy Scott’s previous webcomic, Odin and Friends.

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