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Witch frog airplane cartoon

Frog Flight

Frog Flight published on 2 Comments on Frog Flight

Who you sit next to on a flight can make all the difference. This comic should be no problem to figure out, but to answer your question in advance, the young lady’s broom is in the shop!


It took me a moment again to get it… for some reason I was thinking the frogs (toads?) were witch’s familiars and kicking the seat (because frog legs?).
Then I realize that witches have the ability to turn people into frogs and toads and such, and that the former children had also been kicking the seat of the witch.
I very clearly overthink these things at first glance, but luckily I make a quick recovery.

Thanks for the comment, Miles! Your final analysis is correct, but I like your original theory. I know a friend of mine got tripped up at first as well. I’m tempted to add some empty clothing or an ipod or something around the frog-filled seats to suggest the transformation better, but I also like that people are having to solve a little mystery too 🙂

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