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Fix Anything with Duct Tape

Fix Anything

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Fix Anything with Duct Tape

It’s not easy being a zombie. If you ever find yourself part of the walking dead, make sure to shamble to the closest Home Depot and stock up on the essentials. Personally, when it comes to duct tape, I’m a big fan of Gorilla Tape which I’ve used to fix a swamp cooler and cat proof a kitchen. Unfortunately, the stuff takes paint right off the walls.

It was brought to my attention on Reddit that duct taping a zombie might actually serve to armor the zombie. This is an intriguing concept. I leave you with this question to ponder: at what point does a duct tape zombie become a duct tape mummy? Does the zombie have to be Egyptian? I think a mummy is basically a zombie, but I haven’t given it much thought.

Until now.

Expect a Grinsane cartoon on this topic sometime in the future.

Happy New Year

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Baby Grinsane

Eeek, look what turned up in the maternity ward. is now alive and grinning. Start off 2018 by viewing a new Grinsane comic every day this week. Give this devil baby a fighting chance, subscribe to this site or follow on Facebook , Twitter or Instagram.

Go Grinsane!

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This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I have a manilla folder full of rough sketches of single frame “horror” cartoons and I finally found some time to clean them up, splash them with garish color, and turn these machete swinging mutants loose on the world.

Some of them are silly and others a bit more twisted. It’s all good fun, even if you cringe now and again. This site also might be your best chance to see a witch do a flip on a broom, in case you wondering how that works.

The toons will start rolling in on January 1, 2018 — prepare to go Grinsane!

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