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Witch Broom

Broom Fuel

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Witch Broom

This witch broom is powered on pure evil, none of that unleaded or ethanol diluted malevolence. And no gasoline, either! The reason for that should be obvious (brooms are made of straw and wood, gasoline is flammable, witches have a bad history with fire… enough said).

There is rumor in the witch world that innovative German witches are currently developing a broom powered by lunar powered batteries, but no such broom has been seen in the skies yet. In the meantime, witches will continue to fill up their dutiful transportation sticks with the good stuff, I mean the bad stuff, provided at secret filling stations across the globe.

By the way, have you ever seen a witch do a flip on a broom?

Witch Black Cat Adoption

Black is Beautiful

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Witch Black Cat Adoption

An easy choice for any self respecting witch, especially with Garfield playing the violin in the front row. Historically, a witch would not go to the pet adoption center in search of a familiar, but today things have changed, and one can indeed find a soul mate / minion / accomplice / master of darkness at the pound.

They say black cats have a harder time getting adopted because people think they are evil. Well, here’s some breaking news for any of you who would reject a cat on the basis of color: black cats aren’t evil, you’re just stupid! People are evil, and cats are just cats. Except for the one in this cartoon. Yeah, he’s definitely evil. You’ll be seeing more of him.

So yes, sometimes a black cat is actually evil. Just don’t be going around stereotyping, okay? Any cat has the potential to be evil, especially as the litterbox or avian wildlife is concerned. I think a fair way to state the issue would be to say that black cats are not as a rule any more evil than any other color of cat. I’ve know a few orange stinkers, too, and my current torty is definitely casting spells around the house.

Don’t be a cat racist! Black cats matter, too!

Happy New Year

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Baby Grinsane

Eeek, look what turned up in the maternity ward. is now alive and grinning. Start off 2018 by viewing a new Grinsane comic every day this week. Give this devil baby a fighting chance, subscribe to this site or follow on Facebook , Twitter or Instagram.

Witch Flip on a Broom

Witch Flip

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Witch Flip on a Broom

Welcome to Grinsane! And since you’ve always wondered, this is how a witch does a flip on a broom.

I’m flipping out too over this new website — lots of working parts… goblins on hamster wheels, potions to be drunk, and sacrifices to be made. It always seems easier at the outset, but now it’s clunking along and I’m happy to share with you a new horror comedy cartoon every day this week.

What can you expect to find on Grinsane in addition to gag panels about witches? Well, first there are cartoons about classic horrors like werewolves, zombies, and ghosts. Then there are comix about movie villains like Jason, Mike, and Fred. Add to that, panels with killer blobs, malicious puppets, evil plants, cosmic horrors, and maniacal clowns… you get the picture.

If you stick around long enough you might even get to meet Devil Baby Grinsane himself.

After a week of daily toons, the schedule will be once a week and then some. And make sure to subscribe to me on your favorite social media platform.




Go Grinsane!

Go Grinsane!

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This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I have a manilla folder full of rough sketches of single frame “horror” cartoons and I finally found some time to clean them up, splash them with garish color, and turn these machete swinging mutants loose on the world.

Some of them are silly and others a bit more twisted. It’s all good fun, even if you cringe now and again. This site also might be your best chance to see a witch do a flip on a broom, in case you wondering how that works.

The toons will start rolling in on January 1, 2018 — prepare to go Grinsane!

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