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Creepio Threepio C-3P0 star wars comic cartoon


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Creepio Threepio C-3P0 star wars comic cartoon

The Dark Side is real, and it can effect anyone – including beloved droid C-3P0 who has secret unspoken desires for his best friend, R2-D2. Originally this cartoon was going to feature Creepio peeking from the bushes at young Jedis in training but it seemed like something that might get me banned from social media where most of these cartoons display. So I reworked it a bit… and somehow this version feels even worse! But it does answer the question of what’s beneath that sexy shell of R2. Oh, if Threepio could only turn that faucet.


Dominatrix and Gimp Cartoon

Mission Gimpossible

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Dominatrix and Gimp Cartoon

This probably actually happens sometimes.

Latex Lockdown

Locksmith strikes me as one of those professions where people see it all. After all, the job of a locksmith is to unlock things that other people want locked up for some good (or nefarious) reason. Things including, ahem, their fellow humans.

Release the Gimp

I rewatched Pulp Fiction again recently which was doubtlessly the inspiration for this cartoon. Ironically, the version I watched was censored on commercial television and the gimp scene was completely cut out of the film! That may sound like sacrilege but since I was watching the movie with my mother I was totally cool with the edits. I’m not sure she would have really understood what was happening and I didn’t want to be the one to explain it to her. Not that I really understand this gimp thing myself – all I know for certain is they are fun to draw!

Thanks for reading — and always keep a backup key.

Peep Show Peeps Cartoon

Peep Show

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Peep Show Peeps Cartoon

Something, um, sexy for Easter. Have a good one!

Marquis de Sod cartoon

Pain in the Grass

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Marquis de Sod cartoon

He’ll whip your lawn into shape.

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