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Batflix and chill vampire love coffin cartoon

Batflix and Chill

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Batflix and chill vampire love coffin cartoon

Vampires may be bloodthirsty but they are also hopelessly romantic. Case in point — this frisky fellow with his heart shaped coffin made for two. Ample, um, “sleeping quarters” are also equipped with an 8k flatscreen, stereophonic sound, and chilled champagne (tinted with just the right amount of blood to create a perfect pink). What vampiress could resist the invitation of this undead Casanova?

Crypt Crypto Currency Cartoon


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Crypt Crypto Currency Cartoon

Anyone who has read fantasy literature or played Dungeons & Dragons, Mork Borg, or other role playing games is no doubt familiar with the original “crypto”: gold, silver, and platinum coins piled in heaps and jealously guarded by dragons, liches, skeletons and the like.


Modern day cryptocurrency has little in common with this old school “crypto.” While modern crypto is located in the clouds, old school crypt coin is found deep in the earth in cursed tombs and other forbidden locations.

When seeking out investment opportunities, it’s hard to wrong with a ginormous pile of gold guarded by undead skeletons. As for that other, modern day stuff? No one in their right mind raids a tomb with hope of getting rich on blockchain technology.

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