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Zombie Telephone Cartoon

Zombie Telephone

Zombie Telephone published on No Comments on Zombie Telephone

Zombie Telephone Cartoon

Do kids today still play that lame telephone game with two soup cans and a piece of string? I never really understood how something like that was supposed to work. I think the technology depicted in this cartoon would function much better.

Bad Omen

Bad Omen published on No Comments on Bad Omen

They say video games are evil, but the Antichrist is evil too (duh), so if the Antichrist spends all of his time playing video games instead of Antichristing, does that make video games actually a force for good?

Vampire Burnt by Sunlight

Vampire Moms

Vampire Moms published on No Comments on Vampire Moms

Vampire Burnt by Sunlight

Even undead moms are still full of advice.

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