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Silent Hill Freedom of Press Sheeple Cartoon

Silent Fill

Silent Fill published on 2 Comments on Silent Fill

Grinsane stands with the more than 300 newspapers and media outlets who today are denouncing Trump’s attacks on the press (long-standing source of many cartoons!)


Ah yes, the two choices… For the last election, I wrote in “None of the Above” for president while very carefully voting on more local issues. I did this for a few reasons. One, I wanted whomever tallied the votes to understand that a choice of “the lesser of two evils” is no choice at all. Evil shouldn’t even be a choice. Secondly, none of the candidates, even those not affiliated with the two major parties, had my own, my family’s, my community’s best interests in mind, which is why it was so important that I voted locally.
Eh, the system is not working as was intended… I hope. The terrifying this is if this IS how it was intended to work.
Hey, thanks again for the comic!

Thanks for the comment, Miles! You are very welcome for the comic. Glad to know you are still reading and I haven’t alienated you with my [occasional] political cartoons (too much work to spin up yet another comic website for just those, haha).

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