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Beware of Pedophile Priests Exorcist Cartoon

Exorcist Alert!

Exorcist Alert! published on 3 Comments on Exorcist Alert!

Holy smokes! The child has been possessed by Lucyfer.


I agree wholeheartedly about just how creepy the movie The Exorcist is… even as an adult, it’s something I tend to avoid.
That’s just a testament to how well it executed its purpose though. It’s also definitely worth watching late at night in a darkened house with someone who has never seen it before.
Thank you for all your hard work. I enjoy it.

I watched the film again over the weekend – still so awesome and effective. Then I watched Exorcist II… ulp. Have you seen that one? Now that is a truly puzzling movie. Apparently it’s widely regarded as the second worst film of all time after Plan Nine from Outer Space.

I’m recall being in the room while The Exorcist II was playing, and that’s all I can really speak to that movie. I was young, and while I’m certain it was a terrible movie, it wasn’t terribly memorable.
Or I blocked the memory in self defense, that’s a realistic possibility as well.

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