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Goth heavy metal vs white hair cat cartoon comic

Black and White

Black and White published on No Comments on Black and White

The voice of experience here. Goth and heavy metal types (especially those into black metal) put a lot of work into their wardrobes, and although they face many challenges due to their dress choices – from rain to unemployment – the most horrifying threat undoubtably comes from white cats, especially those with extra long fur. I personally wear quite a few black t-shirts and never realized what a terrible situation this was until I came into possession of not one but two white cats, including one with particularly long hair. Now I’m pretty much covered in visible cat fur all the time. Lint rollers can only do so much. Assuming you love your pets, there is no option but surrender. For goths and metalheads, white cats create great visual contrast, but they are wardrobe suicide. Make wise choices at the animal shelter – I didn’t.

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