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Repent Serpent Jesus Quetzalcoatl Cartoon

Comparative Religion

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Repent Serpent Jesus Quetzalcoatl Cartoon

Quetzalcoatl was the feathered serpent god of the Aztecs, a detail that may be important to understanding this cartoon. With the resurgence in recent years of many pagan religions (perhaps due to the popularity of Game of Thrones), it’s only a matter of time before a scenario like this plays out on your local street corner or supermarket parking lot. Be careful though about getting sucked into unfamiliar religions based on their attractive clothing and stylish hats — some have strict rituals associated with them that may be hard to comply with. In the case of the Aztecs, human sacrifice all the rage, and not just for the unfortunates captured in their wars or found wandering the beaches drunk after sunset. It was considered an honor for practitioners of the religion to willingly sacrifice themselves to the gods (sometimes after a game of basketball), having their still-beating hearts carved from their chests before their bodies were kicked down a steep flight of stairs and then eaten for dinner.

Live Feed Snake Cartoon

Live Feed

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Live Feed Snake Cartoon

Not your typical use for a selfie stick.

Eaten Alive

I made this cartoon based on the notion that as of yet no one has deliberately fed themselves to a giant snake in order to capture what would be compelling video footage — but that in this day and age of dangerous selfies, someone probably would. Then I remembered, wait, there was some guy who actually tried to get himself eaten by an anaconda and even constructed a protective suit for this purpose. The media-hungry “wildlife expert” changed his mind when the meat-hungry wildlife actually began to eat him.

Because of this man’s timidity, the “Feed Yourself to a Giant Snake Challenge” is still there for anyone determined to go the distance (meaning, from one end of the snake to the other). Florida, the location depicted in this cartoon, has a surplus of pythons so it’s just a matter of finding a hungry one and convincing it you are a small deer or tasty raccoon.

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