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Mind Over Meanies
Stop Bullying Cartoon

Mind Over Meanies

Mind Over Meanies published on 2 Comments on Mind Over Meanies

Coming soon to a high school near you!


I was a very small child… my sophomore year of high school, I was four foot eleven inches and only 90 pounds. I was jealous of the 98 pound weaklings because they had 8 pounds on me,
On the other hand, I was only really bullied when I was thrust into a new situation or school, or there was a new bully in town.
You see, I may have been the smallest boy, but I fought like a vicious badger, along with biting, scratching, and headbutts. No bully wants to have their eye bitten… at least not twice.
If I had been able to hone psychic abilities, I think young me might have turned into the true monster. As it was, I already escalated the violence to a level no one was willing to go.

This is naturally back when physical violence was met with a sitting down in the principal’s office rather than a calling of the police. Naturally no one psychologically tortured me either, and probably for two reasons. 1, it wasn’t a thing that was really done much in the 80s and 90s, and 2, I was capab;e of much better, much more biting words. With size and physical strength, a bully might stand a chance against me, but rarely so with wit.
I’ve since grown to normal proportions, and have a much more easy going persona around others, so it has been some time since I’ve been in a physical fight.

Thanks for the comments, Miles! It sounds like you were blessed with good survival skills (like Carrie). I grew up in a small town with a single school where bullies were abundant. Then I moved to a much bigger city and barely had any issues. It seems like kids today have it much easier in that regard, which is a good thing (although of course there are still problems). And of course in this day and age we have different kinds of bullies — cyberbullies, hello? Perhaps the subject for another cartoon…

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