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Goat Yoga Cartoon

Goat Yoga

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Goat Yoga Cartoon

For as long as humans have been touching their toes while farting there has been a debate in Christianity on whether or not yoga is evil. Although the idea of yoga being evil may sound ridiculous to some, the growing trend to practice yoga with living goats under the spiritual guidance of Baphomet, the goat demon god of heavy metal album art, is pretty clear proof that yoga is infernal in nature. Once relegated to hidden clearings in dark forests on specific days of the year (eclipses, Halloween, Black Friday), practicing Eastern religion with goats can now be found on any given weekend in any location where bored urbanites have access to bearded livestock.

Guru Baphomet Invites You to Goat Yoga

Unsatisfied with the patchouli and sweat smell of their fellow humans, yoga practitioners are now moving from the studio to the barnyard where an entirely new stank await them. Live goats love to poop and love it even more when humans roll around on the ground where they drop their dark materials. Unsurprisingly, goat yoga has major appeal to children who are magically drawn to all things both evil and scatological.

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