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Elon Musk Elon's Twitter editorial cartoon

Elon’s Musk

Elon’s Musk published on No Comments on Elon’s Musk

Phew! What’s that terrible scent? Oh, just Elon tweeting again.

This cartoon really has nothing to do with Elon Musk’s recent purchase of Twitter. It’s actually about what Elon does with his own Twitter account, which for the most part ain’t good. Somehow in the last month Elon has expanded his realm of knowledge to not only include rockets, solar cells, and electric cars, but also the political affairs of Ukraine and Taiwan — and insider knowledge on what happened to Paul Pelosi?

I support free speech and consider myself, like Elon, something of a free speech absolutist. Kind of goes hand in hand with making art and drawing cartoons. However, I also believe that those with power and influence should use their voice in a responsible way. Spreading lies, propping up Putin, and selling out Taiwan before an audience of over 100 million is not that.

I also can’t help but wonder how this guy with his hand in so many affairs even has time to tweet. Maybe a few less cars would explode if he kept a better eye on the assembly line. Damn if his errant missives makes me trust his rockets either or would feel comfortable sleeping in one of his broken glass bubble houses on Mars.

Okay, off my soap box. Despite my gripes with Elon’s electric pen, I also kinda just wanted to draw him, and I’m pleased that I got his tail just right. Back to more traditional horror cartoons next week.

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