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white goth comic cartoon

White Goth

White Goth published on No Comments on White Goth

white goth comic cartoon

Like an exotic butterfly or rare orchid, the mysterious white goth is rarely seen in the wild. Only a few intrepid explorers have set their eyes on white goths — and even fewer have lived to tell the tale. Some might argue that Lady Gaga is actually a white goth, but Lady Gaga only employs white goth mimicry to sell albums and concert tickets. True white goths are only found creeping around decrepit mausoleums deep the haunted forests of Eastern Europe or slinking out of the restrooms at a Kentucky Vampires concert. Unfortunately, rampant collection by goth hunters as well as prejudice from traditional black-attired goths have driven these inverted maidens of counter darkness into almost complete obscurity. If you do happen to see a white goth, please be respectful and appreciate the moment without flash photography or butterfly nets.

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