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Easter Candy Overdose

Easter Candy Overdose published on No Comments on Easter Candy Overdose

It happens. Eating too many Marshmallow Peeps will shoot your glucose higher than a Hwasong-15 rocket. But here is the good news: This year select churches are offering FREE BLOOD SUGAR TESTING to anyone attending Easter Services (see end of post for comprehensive list).

Easter Alien
Easter Alien

Grinsane had a busy March with nine new cartoons released! There were two full moons this month, so your lycanthropic cartoonist had multiple werewolf episodes resulting in extra protein in his diet (tourists = yum!) and extra moonlight for working in the wee hours. In case you missed any comics, please click through:

April looks to be showered with more horror and science fiction cartoon comedy. Thank you for reading. Be a friend and tell a friend (buttons abound). Eat more broccoli. Adopt a kitten.

And here’s that list of churches I promised you. Easter fell on April 1 this year, which has sounded the Gjallerhorn for religious pranksters, so Grinsane made sure to research these institutions thoroughly before passing them along to you:

Chaotic Order Of Loki (The COOL Church)

Cult of GlurkNew

Go Grinsane!

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