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Spider Boxing Comic Cartoon

Spider Boxing

Spider Boxing published on No Comments on Spider Boxing

Just as brutal as it is confusing!

There’s a bit of a double joke in today’s cartoon:

1) how confusing would it be for spiders to box? Just think of all those arms (or are they legs?), jabbing, hooking, crossing… Not to mention trying to get all of those spider-sized gloves on the arms (or are they legs?) of the combatants.

2) Finally, imagine being the poor arachnid announcing the slugfest. What a job that would be not only with eight arms (or are they legs?) on each opponent but anywhere from zero to 12 eyes depending on the species of spider (most have eight).

A Chelicera is a spider jaw

In case you were wondering. Spiders have two of them, known collectively as chelicerae.


What kind of comics do spiders read?

Uh, webcomics, like this one.

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