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Friday the 12th Jason Cartoon Comic

Friday the 12th

Friday the 12th published on No Comments on Friday the 12th

Don’t let a mere number on the calendar hold you back from your passion in life, even if that passion means taking the lives of others on your favorite day the year. Jason proves that you don’t need a fully functional brain with proper oxygen levels to think creatively, just a bit of encouragement from mom.


There have been lots of cartoons and even complete movies based on the days surrounding Friday the 13th and permutations thereof. I try to make a Grinsane Jason cartoon every Friday the 13th and keep an eye on the calendar to make that happen. So I was feeling some of the same disappointment as Jason when I realized we had a Friday the 12th instead of a Friday the 13th coming our way this month. But as the Chinese proverb states, every problem has a solution


Finally, that head. I personally think it should get more attention in the Friday the 13th franchise. We see it removed in slow motion at the end of Friday the 13th Part I and then it pops up again a couple times in Friday the 13th Part II. Viewing these movies as a child I found that severed head completely terrifying. Watching the movies nowadays it appears a bit rubbery and waxy but I think there’s still a lot of story potential in that rotting cranium. Chatting with severed heads worked out pretty well for Hamlet, no?

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