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Double Date

Double Date published on No Comments on Double Date

Happy Valentine’s Day from Grinsane. Or should I say Valloween? Since a bit of horror makes this day so much more interesting. There have been some rumblings on the internet lately suggesting that we should do away with Valentine’s Day entirely and replace it with Halloween II, but I take issue with this. I live in a snowy climate and I don’t want to see Trick-or-Treaters frozen on my doorstep, and that’s not all —

Yeah, the pumpkins in my neighborhood are a bit premature. So let’s just stick with Valloween while keeping in mind that love can be truly spooky. And monsters have feelings, too. And witches seduce some of their best kills by using sex potions. And — well, the possibilities are endless.

Here’s those toons I mentioned – check ’em out!

Cupid and Psycho

Franky Panky

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