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Domain For Sale published on 1 Comment on Domain For Sale

Have you ever dreamt of being a web publisher? Of sitting comfortably at home with kittens playing at your feet while typing idle missives about your latest adventures in the yard or kitchen while earning big bucks from affiliate links to gambling sites? Outgaming the Google algorithm to show up first in search results while being secretly paid by corporate America as a hair products influencer? Well, now is your chance to make that dream a reality by purchasing

That’s right, the domain is for sale, since the site is no longer actively producing content. A few years ago, you could expect to visit Grinsane and find cartoons on topics related to horror movies, monsters, the occult, witchcraft, alien abductions, and cats. But things got slippery during the pandemic and the author stopped producing. So now he’s looking to hock the domain to some unlucky sucker.

Repurpose the label as you see fit. Make your own cartoons or start a self-help site. Just don’t think you’re getting the cartoons as part of the deal. All previously produced artwork has already been sold as NFTs.

*sound of grinsane laughter*

April Fools.

The above couldn’t be farther from the truth. I ain’t selling and I’ve even got new cartoons for you. Here’s the proof:

Split Personality

Drama Queen

Gear Swap

And there’s more where those came from. Check back next Friday as I try and stay on a roll.

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