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Camp Crystal Lake Closed Cartoon

End of Summer Blues

End of Summer Blues published on No Comments on End of Summer Blues

End of summer sadness is a real thing, and something that Jason Voorhees feels every year when Camp Crystal Lake locks its doors for the season. Despite his preternatural hatred of the camp and its irresponsible counselors, Jason nonetheless hates to see the camp shuttered and its staff (those that remain alive) vanish like so many leaves from the trees.

Camp Crystal Lake Closed Until Next Summer

While many people look forward to the fall with its cool temperatures, glowing colors, and fun filled holidays like Halloween, to others the end of summer is a sad time. Late August and September portend the start of winter and the freezing weather, silver skies, and horrible Christmas music that accompany the season. But don’t despair, summer lovers — as sure as the sun continues to rise in the sky before eventually turning red and consuming the earth, the summer season will return again with even greater brutality — hotter, longer, and accompanied by the hacking and slashing of foolish counselors who despite 12 bloody franchise films continue to take seasonal jobs at Camp Crystal Lake.

Caption text in case you’re a robot or using a translator: Despite his hatred of Camp Crystal Lake, Jason always felt sad when summer ended and there was no one around to kill.

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