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Breath Metal Comic Cartoon

Breath Metal

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People who don’t listen to heavy metal tend to think of it as having a singular sound (that being noise), but for metalheads the genre has countless subgenres, each with its own distinct sonic qualities. Black metal, death metal, doom metal, glam metal, and thrash metal are just a few of the many metal flavors that exist in the vinyl collections and Spotify playlists of dedicated headbangers. That said, there is no current heavy metal subgenre known as “breath metal”, although if fire breathing dragons actually existed and were capable of playing guitar, there no doubt would be. Dragons and metal go way back, with signs of convergence dating to at least 1986 when Yngwie Malmsteen battled a plump airborne hydra with his guitar on the cover of Trilogy. The tradition continues today in the lyrics and iconography of countless metal bands, many of which are named after dragons, the eternal guardians of the power metal subgenre. Needless to say, the Trve Breath Metal depicted in this cartoon would be quite dangerous if actualized, especially indoors, but also well within the heavy metal tradition of dangerous pyrotechnic stage shows. Bring it.

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