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National Creepy Pet Day

National Creepy Pet Day published on No Comments on National Creepy Pet Day

Is it true there is someone for everyone? Sure enough, in the world of pets. Just ask Buffalo Bill about his precious pooch or Paris Hilton about the barking burrito in her purse. Pets are willing to forgive most of our flaws, assuming we keep the food bowl full and the lotion in the basket. And apparently they now have their own holiday to honor them. After all, there is still plenty of room on the internet for photos of cats riding turtles.

Our beloved pets come in many shapes and sizes, and not all of them are furry. Daenerys has her scaly dragons, Jack Sparrow his parrot, and Pinhead his…

National Pet Day Hedgehog
Hellraiser Hedgehog

Enjoy these cartoons about pets from Grinsane. And remember to feed your familiars – if you don’t, well, they just might eat you!

Easter Candy Overdose

Easter Candy Overdose published on No Comments on Easter Candy Overdose

It happens. Eating too many Marshmallow Peeps will shoot your glucose higher than a Hwasong-15 rocket. But here is the good news: This year select churches are offering FREE BLOOD SUGAR TESTING to anyone attending Easter Services (see end of post for comprehensive list).

Easter Alien
Easter Alien

Grinsane had a busy March with nine new cartoons released! There were two full moons this month, so your lycanthropic cartoonist had multiple werewolf episodes resulting in extra protein in his diet (tourists = yum!) and extra moonlight for working in the wee hours. In case you missed any comics, please click through:

April looks to be showered with more horror and science fiction cartoon comedy. Thank you for reading. Be a friend and tell a friend (buttons abound). Eat more broccoli. Adopt a kitten.

And here’s that list of churches I promised you. Easter fell on April 1 this year, which has sounded the Gjallerhorn for religious pranksters, so Grinsane made sure to research these institutions thoroughly before passing them along to you:

Chaotic Order Of Loki (The COOL Church)

Cult of GlurkNew

Go Grinsane!

March Madness

March Madness published on No Comments on March Madness
Horror Comedy Comics
Horror Comedy Comics

Yum! Grinsane is now two months old with over 20 comics online! March Madness is here, and not the kind that requires a basketball – there are lots more strange and silly toons coming your way. Check out the archive if you’ve missed any of your meds (the cartoon kind that make you smile like a skeleton).

Go Grinsane!

The Clock Strikes 13

The Clock Strikes 13 published on No Comments on The Clock Strikes 13

Grinsane is one month old and there are now 13 cartoons on the site!

Explore Grinsane to see what you’ve been missing (zombies, vampires, tide pods, purple monkeys, and more).

There has even been an appearance by Baby Grinsane himself.

You can start at the beginning, or pick and choose from the archive.

I’ve got some fun stuff lined up for February, so stay tuned! New cartoons debut on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Thank you for reading. Go Grinsane!

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