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Halloween Never Ends Movie Comic Cartoon

Halloween Never Ends

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Halloween Never Ends Movie Comic Cartoon

It just keeps cycling around, year after year, with a new sequel, prequel, or reboot. And it never will end as long as there is money to be made from Michael Myers chasing Laurie Strode from one side of Haddonfield to the other on Halloween night. That said, this franchise has been creeping along for over 40 years, and mechanical assistance may eventually be required to keep the same characters moving forward. In the case of Michael Myers, a wheelchair might help, and for Laurie Strode, a medical walker with tennis ball brakes to ensure her safety. If current patterns continue, this is the movie we might be watching 20 years from now.

Jokes aside, hats off to Jamie Lee Curtis for still running fast and throwing down as Laurie. She’s only 63 and decades away from the woman depicted in this cartoon. That said, even if JLC was scooching around with a tennis ball walker, I’d still drop cash to see her scooch.

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