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A Furry Farewell

A Furry Farewell published on No Comments on A Furry Farewell

Happy Star Wars Day. Unfortunately, a giant shadow looms over this one with Peter Mayhew, the big boy behind Chewbacca, passing away on Thursday. In addition to giving shape to one of Star Wars’ most iconic characters, Mayhew had a reputation as being one of the most fan-friendly Star Wars actors. Thanks for being a great guy as well as a great Wookie, Peter. Rest in Peace.

Use the Force, Chucky

In science fiction / horror crossover news, Mark Hamill has been announced as the new voice of Chucky the killer cyberdoll. Apparently the original Good Guy moppet from Childs Play 1, 2, 3, et al, has been upgraded to some kind of AI-powered apparatus (thanks, Cyberdyne), so it’s only fitting to plug spaceman Hamill into the voice box. Unfortunately, due to Imperial Copyright Law, we are unlikely to see a scene like this:

Jedi Chucky
Jedi Friend till the End

Meanwhile, On Planet Dagoballz

Yoda’s redneck brother wonders why he never had the same opportunities as his famous family member. New Grinsane Star Wars cartoon here.

May the Fourth Be With You!

Game of Thrones Final Winner

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Dragon-sized spoilers you can use to win money in Vegas.

Season 8 is finally here! The armies are gathered and alliances formed so all that remains is The Epic Mother to End All Final Battles. Who will creep out of the bloodbath and finally sit on the Iron Throne? Well, when you play the Game of Thrones you either win or die, so here are Grinsane’s Official Predictions for who’s going down (and when) and who’s finally grabbing that fancy pants chair.

That’s right, Ser Pounce to victory and all of the spoils that entitles (unlimited cat crunchies, dragon nip, nice cat furniture).


Shut up. What a pile of dragon dung when those show runners claimed Pounce was executed by Cersei. I mean, it’s believable, but…

You don’t just kill compelling major characters offscreen. That’s Screenwriting 101. All of the expired wolves in the show had visceral, visible deaths and even the dragons are taking hit points now. Unless… that’s right… Ser Pounce is actually coming back.

They lied about Snow, too. Said he was dead while filming him in secret. And even if Pounce really did undergo nine terrible deaths at the hands of the Corrupter of the Realm, what is death in this show anymore? Season One, yes, a death was a death was a death (*sniff*, Ned). But now? Bringing a cat back to life should be easy work for Qyburn or Melissandra not to mention the Lord of Light who is resurrecting folks faster than a Fortnite reboot van.

Ultimately, with all of the hot tempers in Westeros, Pounce is truly the only character cool headed enough to rule that place and give the show the closure it needs. May his reign be long and purrific.

Valar Morghulis!

Do You Do the Gram?

Do You Do the Gram? published on No Comments on Do You Do the Gram?

Instagram, that is.

And as much as I don’t want to tell you to leave my website and view my comics elsewhere, I love the ability to sequentially display multi-paneled comics on Instagram. I think it’s the best social media space to view cartoons on the web.

Occasionally I do special variations of my comics for different social media channels (extra panels, alternate layouts), including today’s comic about the recent passing of the Mars Rover. You can view the single frame version on my site, or pop over to Instagram and swipe away.

Happy Surfing!

Blade Runner Voigt Kampff Rachael Cartoon

Double Date

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Happy Valentine’s Day from Grinsane. Or should I say Valloween? Since a bit of horror makes this day so much more interesting. There have been some rumblings on the internet lately suggesting that we should do away with Valentine’s Day entirely and replace it with Halloween II, but I take issue with this. I live in a snowy climate and I don’t want to see Trick-or-Treaters frozen on my doorstep, and that’s not all —

Yeah, the pumpkins in my neighborhood are a bit premature. So let’s just stick with Valloween while keeping in mind that love can be truly spooky. And monsters have feelings, too. And witches seduce some of their best kills by using sex potions. And — well, the possibilities are endless.

Here’s those toons I mentioned – check ’em out!

Cupid and Psycho

Franky Panky

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