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Double Date

Double Date published on No Comments on Double Date

Happy Valentine’s Day from Grinsane. Or should I say Valloween? Since a bit of horror makes this day so much more interesting. There have been some rumblings on the internet lately suggesting that we should do away with Valentine’s Day entirely and replace it with Halloween II, but I take issue with this. I live in a snowy climate and I don’t want to see Trick-or-Treaters frozen on my doorstep, and that’s not all —

Yeah, the pumpkins in my neighborhood are a bit premature. So let’s just stick with Valloween while keeping in mind that love can be truly spooky. And monsters have feelings, too. And witches seduce some of their best kills by using sex potions. And — well, the possibilities are endless.

Here’s those toons I mentioned – check ’em out!

Cupid and Psycho

Franky Panky

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween published on 2 Comments on Happy Halloween

As you might have guessed, Halloween is Grinsane’s favorite holiday (beats the others even on a weekday), which is why there have been four Halloween comics this month. If you haven’t seen them, your click finger has been summoned:

Halloween Hellraiser

Night Terror

Spooky Skies


November comes rolling into town tomorrow like an overladen UPS truck, crushing the remains of smashed pumpkins in the street, bringing with it two months of nonstop Christmas music. Eeeek! Truly the sound of Jingle Cats is a horror worse than anything Halloween can conjure. Rest assured, Grinsane will do its best to help you through this difficult time with regular horror comedy cartoon updates.

Happy Halloween!

Trick or Treat
Trick or Treat

Friday the 13th Part II

Friday the 13th Part II published on No Comments on Friday the 13th Part II

The second one this year, and the Grinsane Guarantee™ says there will be a new Friday the 13th cartoon posted whenever there is a Friday the 13th on the calendar or terrible things will occur (not just to me, but to all of us). Hint: tentacles, rust, creeping flesh, Katy Perry.

It’s a very EC Comics scenario in which the only way to stave off The Curse is to keep cartooning. So don’t say I never contributed to the welfare of my fellow man. Until we figure this thing out, these cartoons are the only thing standing between society and oblivion.

You can help, of course, by viewing, liking, and sharing the cartoons. That keeps me happy and less likely to release the Katy Kraken (ooops, TMI). Click the hockey mask for the latest appearance by Jason, or see all the Friday the 13th comics in the archives. Have a lucky one!

Jason Hockey Mask Cartoon

May the Fourth Be With You

May the Fourth Be With You published on No Comments on May the Fourth Be With You

Today is Star Wars Day, which means a special Star Wars episode of Grinsane awaits your perusal.

April was a suitably foolish month featuring seven Grinsane cartoons including one on the first Friday the 13th of 2018 (the next, and final one, is in July). To horror fans, Friday the 13th is becoming something of a mini Halloween, an island on the calendar en route to October when folks like me can finally start hanging rubber bats in the trees. My social media feeds were filled with countless images of Jason and other spooky stuff. It was quite lovely.

Incidentally, the Friday the 13th cartoon generated some online controversy, as several readers on Facebook felt that my Michael Myers looked like a Vegeta with an alien mask. I’ll admit, I had to look up Vegeta. I’m old, you know. Well, I guess Dragonball Z is kind of old now too. I also like to draw wild hair. Have you seen today’s cartoon yet?

One final announcement: Grinsane will now be updating once a week on Fridays (along with the occasional holiday special). Life demands less time in my cartoon dungeon and more in the *gulp* real world, so that’s where it’s at right now *sigh*. Please visit on Fridays for crazy cartoonery, and if you really want to stay in the loop, subscribe!

Enough words. Time to give this whole Star Wars thing the reverence it deserves. Click the droid with the purple pimp hat.



Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th published on No Comments on Friday the 13th

And I’m going downhill skiing. Great idea, eh, on the day known for bad luck? I’m also posting a new cartoon starring Friday the 13th’s most popular character, the Knights Templar. Remember, it was the Templars who infused this simple calendar date with such ominous overtones (they were arrested on Friday the 13th, 1307 for kicking too much ass).

Actually, I’m posting a Jason comic. Friday the 13th belongs to hockey boy now even though there’s nothing in common between Jason and the Templars other than hacking down the wicked. And mastery of weapons. And cool headgear. Okay, quite a bit in common. Speaking of cool headgear, click the hockey mask to view the new toon.

Jason Friday the 13th
Onward to Jerusalem!

Have a great F13!

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