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Frosted published on No Comments on Frosted

Do you want to build a snowman? Who can forget the plaintive song of that dewy eyed girl in that weird movie about two creepy sisters who live in a frozen palace in the snowy north. After being initially spurned, the older sister finally does make an abominable snowman with her younger sibling. It’s a classic moment that melts even the coldest of hearts…

Witch Broom

Broom Fuel

Broom Fuel published on No Comments on Broom Fuel

Witch Broom

This witch broom is powered on pure evil, none of that unleaded or ethanol diluted malevolence. And no gasoline, either! The reason for that should be obvious (brooms are made of straw and wood, gasoline is flammable, witches have a bad history with fire… enough said).

Witch Black Cat Adoption

Black is Beautiful

Black is Beautiful published on 1 Comment on Black is Beautiful

Witch Black Cat Adoption

An easy choice for any self respecting witch, especially with Garfield playing the violin in the front row.

Witch Flip on a Broom

Witch Flip

Witch Flip published on 2 Comments on Witch Flip

Witch Flip on a Broom

Welcome to Grinsane! And since you’ve always wondered, this is how a witch does a flip on a broom.

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