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Vampire Burnt by Sunlight

Vampire Moms

Vampire Moms published on No Comments on Vampire Moms

Vampire Burnt by Sunlight

Even undead moms are still full of advice! Its good advice, too, if you are a young vampire child who wants nothing more than to run outside at high noon and rock on the teeter totter with the other children. Sorry, Vlady, it don’t work that way! Listen to your vampire mom, she’s been around the castle a few times.

Go Grinsane!

Go Grinsane! published on No Comments on Go Grinsane!

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I have a manilla folder full of rough sketches of single frame “horror” cartoons and I finally found some time to clean them up, splash them with garish color, and turn these machete swinging mutants loose on the world.

Some of them are silly and others a bit more twisted. It’s all good fun, even if you cringe now and again. This site also might be your best chance to see a witch do a flip on a broom, in case you wondering how that works.

The toons will start rolling in on January 1, 2018 — prepare to go Grinsane!

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