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Fair Game

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Many people have mixed feelings about hunting, but managed properly, it can actually be good for the environment.

Halloween Pinhead Hellraiser costume

Halloween Hellraiser

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Halloween Pinhead Hellraiser costume

How far are you willing to go for a great Halloween costume?

Manspreading on subway cartoon

Maximum Manspread

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Manspreading on subway cartoon

It may be rude to air your balls on the subway, but of course there are exceptions.

Gorgon Medusa Snakes Cartoon

Medusa Maintains Her Mop

Medusa Maintains Her Mop published on No Comments on Medusa Maintains Her Mop

Gorgon Medusa Snakes Cartoon

Some of you may squirm at this cartoon, but when you’re a gorgon, happy snakes make happy hair, and fresh rodents are required for body and bounce.

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